Only the best and brightest.

Only the best and brightest.

1 Physician Anesthesiologist Employee Position: Our employees are an important part of our team. Based upon the needs and interests of the individual along with the needs of the group, these positions may be part-time, weekday only positions, shift work, or positions with only limited call. There will be no expectations for contributions outside of clinical time to the work involved in managing the group. Employees will be salaried and will be paid commensurate with the amount of time that they work. Employees may be eligible to participate in all employee benefit plans offered to comparable employees.

2 Physician Anesthesiologist Employee Position: Office-based Anesthesia (OBA): Our office-based physician employees are an integral part of this growing division of our practice. Our Mobile team provides a comprehensive, peri-operative solution for physicians and dentists, allowing our surgical peers to safely and efficiently perform procedures in the office setting.

PAA: Mobile offers OBA clients hospital grade care, but without the hospital. Our model is similar to that of a traveling surgery center; we provide all of the same medications, supplies and equipment available within any hospital system or ASC.

No evening or weekend OBA coverage required.

OBA coverage includes but is not limited to: Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, Greensboro, Jacksonville, and Wilmington.

Candidates must be willing to drive to our various locations within their metro area and work independently in the office-based or ASC setting.

3 Physician Anesthesiologist Junior Partnership/Partnership track: Junior Partners and Partners are full-time positions with all of the associated call responsibilities. In addition to required clinical time, Junior Partners and Partners are expected to make significant nonclinical contributions to the group. All Partners have an equal ownership share of the group, and as such, must participate in all that is involved with the management and overall continued progress and growth of the group.

Each Junior Partner goes through the same Partnership track. The specific breakdown of pay during the first two years depends on the individual years of prior experience of each Junior Partner. After two (2) years, the Junior Partner is paid equivalent to a Partner (100% of our Profit Participation formula). Junior Partners are eligible for full Partnership with voting privileges after three (3) years.

Successful partnership track candidates typically have fellowship training and/or additional practice experience after residency. Leadership qualities, former leadership positions, and other value-added experiences (MBA, MPH, etc.) are also looked upon favorably.