The Alliance

We are stronger, together.

We are stronger, together.

PAA Alliance.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Providence Anesthesia Alliance is a growing group of independent anesthesiologists—all of whom value physician autonomy and independence. The Alliance currently includes the following private practices:

  • Anesthesiology Services of Anderson, SC
  • Lynchburg Anesthesia Associates Inc. of Lynchburg, VA
  • Virginia Anesthesia & Perioperative Care Specialists of Newport News and Williamsburg, VA
  • Nash Anesthesia Associates P.A. of Rocky Mount, NC
  • Anesthesia Consultants of Savannah, GA
  • Guardian Anesthesia Services, Inc. of Denver, CO

We are passionate in our belief that the independent physician practice drives the highest levels of productivity, creativity, professionalism and clinical excellence, and we wholeheartedly encourage other practices to maintain their autonomy. We believe there is strength in numbers, and we happily share best practices to ensure mutual growth and success. Alliance members enjoy access to the following clinical tools:

  • PAAQS (Providence Anesthesiology Associates Quality System), reporting quality indicators to AQI (Anesthesia Quality Institute)
  • PAAQS Reference Guide, providing key definitions and timing guidance
  • PAAQS Reports, monthly assessments measuring your practice against other independent anesthesia practice averages
  • CABLEs (Case-Based Learning), providing real but unidentifiable case studies and related discussion, literature and best practices
  • Long Lives Pathways, providing evidence-based tools designed to improve patient care:
    • Crisis Checklists. These 18 checklists provide step-by-step instructions to ensure safety in the event of a crisis, including risk factors, drug dosage and treatments. All are hard-coded within the application, so Internet is never an issue.
    • Non-Crisis Checklists. These checklists are used to provide a standardized method for non-emergent patient care.
    • PCIs (Patient Care Initiatives). These documents are used to describe the most up-to-date, evidence-based care for various patient populations and disease states.
    • G&Ts (Guidelines & Tools). This collection of published, vetted information has been gathered from national medical specialty groups and medical literature to provide direction for patients with unique conditions and/or anatomy.

In addition to these clinical tools, the Alliance will manage your PAAQS reporting, billing and collections, compliance and data & analytics, and provide access to a customized Alliance app and ongoing physician-to-physician consulting services.

The Alliance preserves our specialty by bringing together like-minded physicians and healthcare professionals who believe that the corporate and hospital-owned anesthesia models fail. There is strength in numbers, and through physician collaboration, we believe we can all help each other stand firm—and keep from surrendering to the mega-groups, hospitals and publicly owned corporations. We are stronger, together.

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