Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

Getting you back to your life quickly, safely, confidently.

Getting you back to your life quickly, safely, confidently.

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS).

The benefits of PAA’s Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Program are evident. In a recent review of outcomes, PAA patients are experiencing many benefits compared to patients with traditional care. Length of time spent in the hospital for ERAS patients is cut in half, cost of care is thousands of dollars less per patient and there is a significant decrease in the use of narcotics, with many patients not requiring any opioids.

PAA’s Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Program is designed to improve and accelerate patient recovery, drive better outcomes and decrease costs in major, often high-risk surgeries. Through ERAS protocols, we challenge the status quo and replace traditional approaches with evidence-based best practices. We’ve partnered with our surgical colleagues and hospital administration to lead and coordinate this multidisciplinary approach to improving care and outcomes for our patients.

The key factors that prolong post-surgical hospitalization include: 1) pain requiring parenteral analgesia, 2) gut dysfunction requiring intravenous fluids, and 3) lack of mobility requiring bed rest, which is common following surgeries like colorectal, bariatric and total joint. Our ERAS program aims to proactively provide care that makes these factors avoidable. The ERAS pathways provide guidance to all members of a patient’s perioperative team, improving coordination and communication from the time a patient’s surgery is scheduled until he or she is discharged from our care.

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