Office-based Anesthesia

Hospital-grade care without the hospital.

Hospital-grade care without the hospital.

Office-based Anesthesia (OBA).

Today, many elective procedures can be performed in an office setting instead of a hospital. There are significant advantages for both patient and provider, including convenience and cost savings. But these procedures still require sedation, and it’s critical that Office-based Anesthesia (OBA) meet the same safety standards as those required in a hospital setting. You can count on that level of safety with Providence Anesthesiology Associates.

Questions about billing?

If you have questions upon receiving your bill from us, or if at any time during the process you wish to discuss the status of your claim, please feel free to reach out to us. Read a note from our billing team for more information.

Quality expertise.

Our physicians are among the elite in the field of anesthesiology, trusted at 19 hospitals and healthcare facilities across the state. There’s peace of mind knowing the same anesthesiologists who keep patients safe in the hospital are available for outpatient procedures too.

Continuous quality improvement.

Ongoing performance measurement is part of our culture. By measuring 36 clinical quality indicators on every patient’s anesthetic experience, we are able to ensure the highest quality anesthesia care, delivered in full compliance with accreditation standards.

Reliable patient care from beginning to end.

We take extreme measures to ensure the safest environment for patients, and not just while they are under anesthesia. We provide dedicated patient care from the moment surgery is scheduled to the pre-operative consultation, post-operative care, discharge and beyond.

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