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Ask questions. Get answers. Rest easy.

Ask questions. Get answers. Rest easy.

Talk to my Doc.

Whether your upcoming procedure is elective or mandatory, we know that for many, the thought of surgery is scary. But we believe that a simple conversation with your physician anesthesiologist can allay many of those fears. PAA is pleased to offer a new HIPAA-compliant tool called Talk to My Doc—a safe, secure means of contacting PAA physicians directly. Simply submit the form, and a physician anesthesiologist will contact you directly to discuss your questions and concerns.

PAA is dedicated to providing the safest, most ethical care to meet the needs of every patient. In fact, many patients aren’t aware that patient safety is entrusted to the anesthesiologist—from pre-op to post-op, discharge and beyond. And while we may not meet you face-to-face until surgery day, rest assured that we know you. We know your medical history and your surgical plan, and we have carefully and methodically created an anesthesia plan to carry you safely through your procedure.

Our physicians are among the elite in their field, specializing in areas including pediatric anesthesiology, cardiovascular anesthesiology, orthopedic anesthesiology and pain management, among others. PAA provides uncompromising quality in all aspects of patient care by practicing in an evidence-based fashion, measuring our outcomes, and continuously striving to improve those outcomes.



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