Patient Experience

Your safety. Your satisfaction. Our promise.

Your safety. Your satisfaction. Our promise.

The patient experience.

Patient-centered care is associated with better outcomes, improved patient satisfaction, and even has the potential to lower healthcare related costs. PAA is committed to connecting with our patients across the entire spectrum of care, starting with their decision to have surgery and ending with their return to normal activity.

PAA has worked with our hospital partners to develop and implement the “We Care” handoff, which recognizes that patient engagement and a patient-centered approach to care are critical to safety and satisfaction. In fact, many surgical facilities are now incorporating patient satisfaction into payment plans for anesthesiologists and other providers.

We continue to actively develop our Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) program, which is aimed at improving the patient experience and clinical outcomes through standardized patient care. In addition, we created Talk to My Doc to offer patients education and encouragement to become more proactive in their care, and we promote shared decision-making, including smoking cessation counseling and anemia management.

We also designed and implemented patient surveys as a means of gathering critical patient satisfaction feedback straight from the source. Once a patient’s care is complete, every single patient receives an automated interactive voice response survey. This yields a response rate greater than 10%, which translates to completed surveys from tens of thousands of patients every year. This information provides us with statistically significant results that can be studied for trends and opportunities for improvement. Surveys consist of nine questions and require less than five minutes to complete.



Patient Experience

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