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Clinical Quality

We Promote a Culture of Safety

As our Score Card for the Anesthesia Quality Institute demonstrates, PAA anesthesiologists excel in attending to the details that matter. From preventing nausea to instituting the newest, evidence-based practices, PAA leads the way.

PAA provides high-quality care for our patients every step of the way. We are committed to patient safety and actively work to maintain excellence in this endeavor. In doing so, our Quality Division continuously gathers and analyzes data on every encounter we have with our patients. Using this data, we monitor trends to ensure optimal performance by our physicians.  

Every year, PAA submits quality metrics to national databases where we routinely rank among top practices across the country.  At PAA, we believe in identifying and implementing best practices, and we promote a culture of safety among our physicians and patients. There is nothing that matters more to us than the well-being of our patients.

What Our Surgical Colleagues Are Saying

I have worked with Providence Anesthesiology Associates for almost 20 years and have had nothing but positive relationships. This includes critical care on the crashing patient, support of our bariatric surgery patient, development of the ERAS program, OR safety protocols, and pain management. Providence Anesthesiology is engaged, team-oriented, evidence-based, and data-driven. They have been a great partner for me, our bariatric program, and for Novant Health.

Dr. David Voellinger
Novant Health Bariatric Solutions Charlotte

Over my 20 years at Charlotte Eye Ear Nose and Throat, we have a trusted partnership with Providence Anesthesia to provide reliable, safe, and high-quality care for some of our most challenging anesthesia needs. Our shared airway needs on infants and adults, our fragile elderly patients, our compromised inflamed airways require an experienced skillset to optimize our surgical outcomes.

Dr. Mike Sicard
Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates, P.A.

I have worked alongside the professionals of Providence Anesthesiology Associates for the past 20+ years. Uniformly we have warm and respectful relationships, and I continually appreciate the compassion and integrity they show my patients. They have seamlessly spearheaded the transition to ERAS surgery and routine intraoperative regional blocks, adhering to the most strict quality assurance measures.

Dr. Peter Turk
Novant Health Cancer Institute

Anesthesiology services are crucial for safe and swift recoveries from open-heart surgeries. As a Cardiac Surgeon at Novant Health, I have enjoyed the luxury to work alongside Providence Anesthesiology Associates (PAA) for many years. Whether a highly complex operation, necessitating advanced know-how including specialized structural imaging, or whether regional anesthesia for minimally invasive cardiac operations, or the implementation of ERAS (enhanced recovery after surgery) in perioperative phases, PAA offers emphatic, exacting, incessant, and meticulous patient-centered care.

Simply put, PAA provides the care I ask for my own family members to experience.

Dr. Tom Theruvath
Novant Health Heart & Vascular Institute

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Your invoice should include a prefix
(PAA, PIN, AAP, WAT). If your invoice
does NOT include a prefix, please
contact PAA at 705.749.5081.