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Understanding Fees & Billing

Our Billing Process

Our billing process begins as soon as we receive your insurance information from the facility where your procedure was or will be performed. After your procedure, our billing department uses this information to send an anesthesia charge to your insurance provider. From there, your insurance company determines your financial responsibility, and a bill is created. Continue reading below to find out more about your bill and your financial responsibilities.

If you’re ready to pay your bill or if you have additional questions, please select one of the options below. You can also reach out directly to our Billing Department at (704) 749-5801 (press 2).

Your invoice should include a prefix
(PAA, PIN, AAP, WAT). If your invoice
does NOT include a prefix, please
contact PAA at 705.749.5081.

Understanding Your Anesthesia Bill

Providence Anesthesiology Associates is an independent practice that provides anesthesia services for many hospitals, surgery centers, and offices across North and South Carolina. As a result, the bill for your anesthesia services will be separate from your surgeon or facility charges.

In addition, please be aware that in some cases you may receive two anesthesia bills. Some insurance carriers require the Anesthesiologist and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) charges to be on two separate bills. This doesn’t mean you’ve been charged twice or have a duplicate bill for anesthesia services, but rather that the total amount you’re required to pay has been divided in half and assigned to each member of your team equally.

If you have questions about how to read your bill Click Here.

Your Financial Responsibility


After receiving the anesthesia charge, your insurance carrier will review your current benefits and determine your financial responsibility, taking into account any coinsurance, deductible, or other responsibility.

If your insurance carrier determines that you are responsible for any remaining balance, we will send you a billing statement. This document will outline the total anesthesia charge, how much your insurance carrier paid, and the outstanding balance you’re responsible for.

If you’re unable to afford your anesthesia bill or you don’t have insurance, please contact our billing team to file a financial assistance application. The financial application form can be found on our financial assistance page.

Upfront Collections

At many facilities we also provide estimates of anesthesia fees and opportunities to pay prior to procedures. This added service helps:

      • Support and promote a greater focus on healing and wellness after the procedure.
      • Establish a resource for financial questions and concerns.
      • Enable patients to meet financial responsibility ahead of time by knowing the amount due along with the available payment options.

Contact us if you would like to know if the facility you are having surgery at participates in this process.

United Healthcare Patients

Unfortunately, at this time we are out of network with United Healthcare (UHC). After a partnership of twenty-plus years, UHC unilaterally terminated our long-standing contract effective March 1, 2020, without reason. Since that time, we have been diligently attempting to negotiate in good faith with UHC to regain in-network status.

If you are a UHC patient and would like to know more, click the link below to learn about how our billing team is helping patients through this situation Click Here.