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Patient Satisfaction

Your Experience is Our Highest Priority

At PAA, we care about the experience of every one of our patients. That’s why we always ask for feedback each time we perform an anesthetic.

With this feedback, we utilize sophisticated analytics to monitor individual physician and group metrics regarding patient satisfaction. Our patients’ willingness to share their stories drives our continued improvement. PAA anesthesiologists believe that ensuring patient safety and providing unparalleled clinical care is important, but not enough. We strive to make our patients feel safe, respected, informed, and looked after while they’re under our care.

As our Score Card for the Anesthesia Quality Institute demonstrates, PAA anesthesiologists excel in attending to the details that matter. From preventing nausea to instituting the newest, evidence-based practices, PAA leads the way.

What Our Patients Are Saying

I had the best experience while having foot surgery. From the check-in to the check out I was treated wonderfully. Each and every person who was assigned to me was professional but friendly and welcoming. The anesthesiologist was the BEST!!! Can’t say enough good things about this facility and staff…Top-Notch.


The Dr. and staff were some of the kindest people I’ve ever trusted with my care. They were attentive, asked questions, allowed me to ask questions, and truly listened. They were very professional but also very caring and put my mind at ease the entire time. I would not hesitate to call them with any concerns and would trust them with my care or any of my family members.


Wonderful bedside manner and great sense of humor which made me feel at ease.


They did the Anesthesia for me at CEENTA surgery center in South Park, CLT, NC. The surgery was a great experience. They took time to speak with me, answer questions, and ease my anxiety. My anesthesiologist made sure to review my medications and did his best to keep me safe! Great experience!


He was the absolute best anesthesiologist I could’ve prayed for! He gave me peace and comfort and talked me through the entire experience. When I got nervous he held my face and looked in my eyes to keep me focused and calm. I would highly recommend Dr. Ducey to anyone!