PAA Mobile Patient Center

What Can PAA Mobile Do For You:

If you require a procedure, you may be wondering what options are best.  While a hospital is the traditional setting for surgery and other types of procedures, many patients now prefer to be cared for in the office setting.  Mobile is the Office-Based Anesthesiology section of Providence Anesthesiology Associates (PAA). Our physicians specialize in ambulatory (outpatient) techniques, so our patients receive a state-of-the-art anesthetic within the privacy of their surgeon’s office. Patients can be assured that they benefit from the same hospital-based safety standards established by PAA.

Exemplary Care At Your Surgeon’s Office:

A physician anesthesiologist and a PACU trained nurse for every patient.
An anesthetic specifically tailored for a fast and comfortable recovery.
Continuous assessment of the quality of care we deliver
Unwavering dedication to your safety that goes above and beyond hospital-based standards
Reduced COVID-related concerns associated with a busy hospital setting

What Our Patients Are Saying:

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