Above and Beyond Hospital Standards

Physician Anesthesiologist
& ICU/PACU Trained Nurse

Everything Needed for Safe Anesthesia Brought Right to Your Office

Established Safety Record

99% of our Patients Would Recommend PAA-Mobile to their Friends and Family!

Safety, Satisfaction, Solutions

PAA Mobile has been setting the gold standard for office-based anesthesiology throughout North Carolina since 2011. Every team is led by a physician anesthesiologist, with a PACU/ICU trained nurse and robust IT and administrative support.

More than 300,000 OBA cases across multiple specialties demonstrate an impeccable safety record. Patients can rest assured that we take care of them exactly like they would be cared for in the hospital at a fraction of the cost. Combining safety and efficiency to increase surgeon revenue, decrease patient costs, and create the ideal patient experience - That’s the PAA Mobile promise.

The Benefits of PAA Mobile

Mobile Surgical Suite

Turnkey model with nurses, physicians, equipment, medications and supplies - we bring it to you!


Minimal out-of-pocket payments for patients and the highest levels of patient satisfaction and safety.

Increased Bottom Line

Significant potential cost savings for proceduralists and patients alike.

Improved Efficiency

Help more patients in the comfort of your office.

Proven Track Record

Safety and Quality standards you can trust.

An Unwavering Presence

Care delivered by a PAA physician anesthesiologist.

Surgeon Testimonials

Working with PAA Mobile - A Partner You Can Rely On

Peace of Mind

PAA anesthesiologists are measurably of the highest quality and from the best training programs. Your team will always include one-on-one care by a physician anesthesiologist. Enhance safety, decrease time to discharge, and allow yourself to relax with an MD at the helm.

Maximize Your Opportunities

With minimal out-of-pocket expenses per patient, it’s time for you to take advantage of enhanced reimbursements on behalf of your practice and patients.

The Whole Package

Gain access to PAA’s robust quality and patient satisfaction programs, pre-op screening by an RN, real-time online scheduling, and an innovative iPad based EMR. It’s not only our personnel that are the best, it’s the system we have created to serve you.

Experts in Your Specialty

We have a proven logistical and clinical system that is tailored to each specialty.

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