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Who We Are

We are medical doctors just like your surgeon or primary care physician. Our many years of training after medical school make us experts at keeping you safe during the perioperative period. We have an in-depth knowledge of how the entire human body works normally, and during times it’s stressed by surgery or illness. This knowledge, along with our unique training in pain management, performing procedures from IVs to epidurals, and delivering anesthetic medications, allows us to be the guardian you deserve during your time of need.

In more formal terms and as outlined by our primary professional organization, The American Society of Anesthesiologists, “the practice of anesthesiology includes the evaluation and optimization of preexisting medical conditions, the perioperative management of coexisting disease, the delivery of anesthesia and sedation, the management of postanesthetic recovery, the prevention and management of periprocedural complications, the practice of acute and chronic pain medicine, and the practice of critical care medicine.”